Rosland Capital Review

By John Simpson

June 25, 2021

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What do you know about Rosland Capital?

If you don't know much, then the prospect of doing the necessary online research to learn what you can about a business can be pretty intimidating. Fortunately, we've already done it, so we can show you what you really need to know about it.

By the time you're done reading this, you'll know both the benefits and downsides of possibly using this company if you want to invest in precious metals. Trust us when we say that the conclusion at the end of all this might not be what you expect.

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BBB Rating: A+


Initial Glance

  • Rosland Capital has specialists for both gold and silver
  • There is a mix of reviews, both positive and negative
  • Promotions for new accounts

Before we get started with this review:

It is very tough to pick a company that you can trust with protecting your retirement.  That is why we publish as much informative information as much knowledge as possible to help you make the right decision.

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Who Is Rosland Capital Owned By?

Rosland Capital dates back to 2008. In regards to the market for precious metals metals businesses, Rosland Capital is one of the newer players on the field.

On the other hand, they have already demonstrated an ability to keep pace with the established players. Marin Aleksov is a huge reason for this. As their CEO and owner, Aleksov is someone who has been working in the precious metals field for the last two decades.

Rosland Capital is based out of Santa Monica, California. They've also got handful of notable celebrity endorsements. These include Bill O'Reilly, G. Gordon Liddy, and company spokesperson William Devane.

You might recognize this business from plentiful commercials they've run for both radio and television programs.

What Does Rosland Capital Offer?

This business is focused on the financial stability of gold rather than paper assets, including stocks, bonds, and cash.

The dollar tends to suffer whenever inflation happens. On the other hand, gold is protection from inflation, making owning gold a smart move whenever financially turbulent times happen.

Rosland Capital is among many companies that let people use precious metals, such as gold, in an IRA. In doing so, you can be sure your IRA keeps its high value for your retirement.

Rosland Capital lets you buy metals like these in several ways, such as bars, bullion, and coins.

Prominent Complaints Against Rosland Capital

One concern we have is that this particular business has a number of complaints that have been leveled against them in just the last three years. Their Better Business Bureau profile alone has 26 negative reviews. Every business will have a few unhappy clients, so don't expect every business to have a perfect profile.

Then again, this volume of negative reviews is indicative of their reputation.  The following are some of the more prominent complaints:

  • Coins with prices too high
  • Physical orders do not actually match the purchase order
  • Customer service representatives are not friendly
  • Delayed orders
  • Only a dozen complaints were resolved in the previous year
  • Over 30 complaints in just three years

Rosland Capital claims their precious metals shipments take 14 business days while also claiming competitor shipping is twice as long.

Is Rosland Capital A Scam?

Even with this volume of complaints, we can assure you that Rosland Capital isn't a scam. They have clients that have worked with them for a while and say nothing but great things.

However, our belief is that if you are responsible for thousands of dollars per client being invested through your company, then you need to be consistently satisfying the majority of your clients, rather than just a few of them.

Rosland Capital might need to reconsider several of its techniques. Reviewers consistently complain about how bothersome the customer service representatives are.

According to these reviews, the company isn't very good about sending out the right items. Quite a few customers have wound up with something entirely different from the specific items that they registered and paid for. There also seems to be a bit of deception in terms of item values.

Products are listed with one value but then clients discover the values are far less if they consult different precious metal dealers.  This is nothing short of blatant dishonesty, and it's how any company will quickly erode consumer trust.

Aspects We Prefer

1) Delivery Times: Rosland Capital does get metals to their clients in a very timely manner. You can probably get yours delivered in about 10 business days, possibly even less.

2) Veteran Economist: They benefit from having a brilliant economist working among them. Jeffrey Nichols is an effective advisor, someone that is beneficial to both his clients and his own business. Just read Rosland Capitol's newsletter to get a taste of his writings.

Nichols advocates for putting from 10 up to 15 percent of all your assets specifically into physical gold investments.  This is reasonable, but do you think that's something you can manage when it comes to your portfolio?

Aspects We Frown On

1) Dishonest Professionals: Dishonest agents is one of the charges leveled against Rosland Capital, and it's a pretty serious allegation. It would seem that they've employed shady sales techniques while grossly inflating their commission rates. There are more than a handful of reviews that claim this.

2) Many Complaints: They've received quite a few complaints, and these have happened through trusted channels, including the BBB and the Business Consumer Alliance. This is much higher than a lot of other companies.

Complaints consistently cover issues such as dishonest marketing and overcharging for their metals.

3) Mandatory Share Storage: You don't get the option of having your personal precious metals isolated if you decide to use this company. They are required to be in only shared storage spaces, where they are mixed with the metals of many other investors.

Segregated storage is commonplace throughout the precious metal sector, which is why it's so confusing that Rosland Capital won't even consider it.

Ratings And Reviews

Better Business Bureau

Despite all the various complaints, BBB give an A+ rating to Rosland Capital. They've actually closed 18 complaints thus far, at the time of writing. Most of these complaints have a lot to do with service and product complications.

See their BBB page for yourself here.

BCA/Business Consumer Alliance

The BCA gives an AAA rating to Rosland Capital. This is obviously a high score, and yet there are five complaints filed against them. The dominant issue seems to be client assets being undervalued.

See the review page from BCA here.

Trust Link

Customers and clients of Rosland Capital on Trust Link have given the firm 3.8 starts out of 5.0. 

Many of the complaints are about being overcharged for coins. If you go through the reviews, you'll notice quite a few people suggesting that you should avoid them completely. See their page at Trust Link here.

Rip Off Report

Rip Off Report shows six complaints leveled against Rosland Capital. Many of these claim the firm employees dishonest and manipulative methods so they can overcharge for coins.

See their Rip Off Report page here.

Are There Better Choices Available?

Many businesses offer identical services comparable to Rosland Capital but with much more positive reviews. Goldco is often the highest-rated gold investment firm, as it enjoys more than a thousand 5-star reviews.

Goldco offers both Gold IRAs and precious metals sales. They've been in the sector for over a decade with consistently excellent reviews. Browse review sites to see this for yourself. They make website registration easy to do, and you can see all the crucial details. 

You can even enjoy a free guide for investing in gold and talk to one of their specialists before you commit to anything. Many people enjoy peace of mind from this. Learn more through this Goldco video.

In Conclusion

Rosland Capital isn't technically a scam on a purely legal basis. On the other hand, much other activity is definitely deceptive and dishonest, per the many customer reviews. 

If you choose to use them, be sure you do more research on top of what we've provided you here. Goldco, and other players in the field, can offer you the same things that Rosland Capital already does, just without the downsides. Be mindful and do your homework. 

If you would like to learn about Goldco, then check out our detailed review here.

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