Regal Assets Review

By John Simpson

May 29, 2021

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Have you ever wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies or precious metals? Then, you can most likely be classified as one of these three individuals.

1st Person: You could be that individual who is a bit hesitant to try out the stock market, and could be taking it lightly. Although it could fill you with thoughts of sinking stock value, you still have an interest in finding an effective investment system. And the answer doesn’t have to be found in cash items such as stocks. Precious metals are something that you should consider. Many influential and wealthy individuals have already shown interest and nothing should stop you from being part of the process.

2nd Person: It describes someone who is really into technology, specifically things to do with cryptocurrencies. You already know that technology will become even more advanced and influence the way we live. And this also includes our money. Owning paper and coin money is similar to getting around through horse and buggy. Having this point of view, you are curious to find out how cryptocurrency can impact your stock portfolio.

3nd Person:  Are you looking to reap all the benefits of both worlds by investing in cryptocurrencies as well as precious metals? If so, you would be a 3rd Person. Although you are attracted to the consistency in value of precious metals, crypto seems to be an appealing option as well, particularly because of how new they are. Since you are planning for your portfolio to have an actual feeling of diversity, this is exactly how you will do it.

Before we get started with this review:

It is very tough to pick a company that you can trust with protecting your retirement.  That is why we publish as much informative information as much knowledge as possible to help you make the right decision.

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Overall, your personality can be one of the above or a combination. Regal Assets is a reputable company you should consider in case you need to start investing in cryptocurrencies and/or precious metals. However, just like all companies, they have both setbacks and advantages and are not an excellent fit for everybody.

Generally speaking, we consider them to be an excellent option for taking your investments to the next level with a great, diversified portfolio. Below is a detailed review.

Who Is Regal Assets?

When it comes to the investing landscape, Regal Assets is now quite a popular name. Tyler Gallagher, a Financial expert, was the founder. Gallagher has a real talent for understanding the significance of applying modern methods to help people invest.

Although cryptocurrencies and precious metals may not be a hot discussion topic like bonds and stocks, they are still valid and should be pursued.

Doing all this on their own could be difficult. Fortunately, they work with trusted trading firms and custodians to help you manage your account.

“Regal Wallet” is the name describing their cryptocurrency section, and you can always use this to have a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they can strengthen your portfolio.

Regardless if you are looking to invest on cryptocurrency or precious metals, Regal Wallet and Regal Assets will always provide with you with the royal treatment.

Reasons For Precious Metals

Generally, precious metals are a great investment because of their stability. For a long time now, they have seen an increase in value whenever cash assets go down.

That doesn’t mean that your investment portfolio has to be thrown out and only full of precious metals. Leave some space for it to hedge against economic setbacks.

You should compare precious metals to a beam holding up your house. Although it may not be the only component, it’s presence and significance is huge. They are ideal for securing your purchasing power.

For over a decade now, Regal Assets has always been extraordinary when it comes to the precious metals IRA world. Once you get precious metals in your portfolio, it means that you are ready for whatever may occur.

Which Precious Metals Can You Get?

  • GOLD

Reasons For Cryptocurrency

Although precious metals are truly an incredible option to improve your investment portfolio, cryptocurrency is the future-like kind of money. It is something that can transform how we deal with transactions.

Typically, Regal Wallet offers cryptocurrency IRAs with Bitcoin as well as Ethereum. Basically, these are like gold and silver, simply brought to a digital format.

Cryptocurrency is also a decentralized form of currency just like gold and silver. That means that no one individual owns or controls it. Ultimately, supply and demand determine the cost of a cryptocurrency.

Although the stock market and the entire economy could experience dips or worse, cryptocurrency will not take the hit. There is also nothing uninviting about it. The Internal Revenue Service also acknowledges it.

Guess which was the first business to allow people to put crypto in their retirement accounts? Regal Assets.

That’s right! What’s more, they were first to be issued a crypto-commodity trading license as a financial services company.

It is a company that won’t be waiting to follow trends. Instead, they are indeed true trendsetters.

What Are the Crypto IRA Options With Regal Assets?

  • Z CASH

Regal Assets claims on their site that they will provide support for all cryptocurrencies.

Although the eight mentioned in the list are the commonly used types, you can still speak to their customer service department if you have another choice you would like to try.

If there is one vital thing to remember is that investing in cryptocurrency still comes with a huge deal of risk. According to Regal Assets, it would be prudent not to invest in any more cash than you can comfortably lose.

What’s more, they recommend talking to a financial advisor before making any final decision when it comes to investing.

What Are the Recommended Investments?

Regal Assets products typically come in two different groups: Investments and Retirement Portfolios and Protection and Security Packages.

You will only get precious metals in the Protection and Security Packages. On the other hand, the Investment and Retirement Portfolios comprise a mixture of precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Take a look at these graphics to find out what your decisions are with each choice.

There are two kinds of Protection and Security Packages. The Merchant Package is the first type. Secondly, we have the Knighthood Package.

Both of them are developed while prioritizing security, and it is relatively easy to liquidate them. The costs for these range from $5,000 to $10,000.

There are four options when it comes to the Investment and Retirement Portfolios. These include the Kingship Portfolio, the Legacy Portfolio, the Coronation Portfolio, and the Dynasty Portfolio.

They are each focused on various types of investors. And their prices range from $25,000 to $250,000.

What Is Their Distinguishing Factor?

Regal Assets has undoubtedly numerous unique features to look for. Below is a list of 11 best features:

Free Gold IRA Guide

Rolling your present IRA over into a Gold IRA can prove to be puzzling, so you may request for this free kit from Regal Assets. It’s always accompanied by a Forbes Magazine issue that talks about Regal Assets.

You will also find a documentary regarding the Federal Reserve that explores the Gold IRA industry in much detail.

Lastly, there is a report looking into the 2008 financial issue and how it affected gold and silver.

Free Crypto IRA Kit

You can also request for a free Crypto IRA Kit just like with the Gold IRA Kit. It is perfect if you are looking to learn more about how cryptocurrencies function. Additionally, it has a similar copy of Forbes.

It also comes with a DVD known as “The Rise of Bitcoin.” It speaks about how the popular cryptocurrency is impacting the worldwide economy. Furthermore, you can view how the pricing structure works at Regal Wallet.

Secure and Insured Storage

According to the IRS, precious metals should be stored at an approved depository. Fortunately, Regal Assets partners with some solid vault businesses.

Brinks is one of their partners, and their reputable for their security efforts. That means you will be able to keep your gold, silver, or other precious possessions in one of their vaults, situated all over the world.

You might be curious of the importance of segregated storage. Well, it stores your valuables away from others. It’s also accompanied by insurance, equal to your account’s amount.

401 (k) to IRA Rollovers

With Regal Assets, doing a rollover is pretty easy than before. They comprise rollover options for 401 (k)s, IRAs, 403 (b)s, SEPs, and TSPs.

Although it can be a bit confusing to know all about rollovers and taxing and get it done, it feels much easier if you are working with Regal Assets.

You also don’t need to get in contact with your IRA custodian. Regal Assets will reach out to them for you. You simply need to talk about how you are looking to invest and how much you want to invest. They will manage everything else on your behalf.

Regal IRA

You might understand the significance in both cryptocurrencies and precious metals. If this is you, Regal IRA is an essential option to consider working with.

It was actually the original Alternate Assets IRA to enable simultaneous cryptocurrency and precious metals investments. Not only is it incredible, but it is also very unique.

Because cryptocurrency is only a new concept, most financial professionals think it might be undervalued at the moment. This is in contrary to the constant value of gold.

Regal Wallet

This is unique part of Regal Assets, primarily dealing with cryptocurrencies. Typically, they put your cryptocurrency via cold storage.

If you have a cryptocurrency, you may be ahead of the pack with a potentially significant source of investing power.

Flat Fees

Your fees are entirely waived in the first year as a customer. Undoubtedly, that is something worth appreciating.

Quick Turnaround

You won’t have a long waiting duration to receive your precious metals. They will arrive within seven days.

Generally, the average wait time when it comes to precious metals is from 15 to 30 days.

Frank Muller Watch

Do you know the magic of the Frank Muller Watch? This is something all cryptocurrency investors should know.

It allows you to apply live wallet software to its maximum extent, including things like receiving and sending funds and keeping tabs on your balance.

The watch has its specific USB private key, as well as public address.

Nevertheless, there is one pretty big problem. Their cost ranges from $10,000 to $60,000.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Have you tried searching Regal Assets? If so, then you have already seen how much praise they have. You will specifically realize the focus given to their customer service. Indeed, it is because of their customer service that they have had much progress, and we cannot contradict them on that.

According to the Better Business Bureau, they have an A+, and TrustLink users gives them a 99.99% satisfaction rating. This is outstanding for any business, regardless of what they are involved in.

Additionally, they deliver very quick responses to inquiries and ensure that everything is running smoothly for you. So, if you need assistance with anything, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask.

Longstanding Reputation

You wouldn’t get much admiration and praise like Regal Assets without earning a solid reputation along your way. Most influential sources have issued them with accolades.

They include Forbes, the Huffington Post, Bloomberg, SmartMone, Inc, Magazine, and Bitcoin.

Since they are part of the Forbes Finance Council and are ranked on the 20th position on the Inc, 500, they get a lot of clout.

The intriguing part is that they started in 2009 and have not been around for that long.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid reputation, with a high ranking in gold IRA industry
  • Exceptional customer service – BBB gives them A+
  • Segregated storage safety – comprises extremely low fees
  • Fees waives in first year
  • Flat fees
  • Free investment kits


  • Must invest $25,000 or above with retirement accounts
  • Must invest at least $5,000 with metals
  • Not the ideal choice for inexperienced investors or individuals without much money

How to Get Started

Quite frankly, Regal Assets is the single gold IRA firm to allow you to start your account online.

That means that the account opening process will be much quicker than it would with phone call and/or paperwork.

Step 1

You fill in the online account form

Step 2

You’ll receive a call from a representative to establish your account

Step 3

You keep money in your account and choose the precious metals.

You can do all of this in just a day. Once you have your metals, you can choose where you’d want them kept.

How to Open Gold IRA

Typically, you can begin a Regal Assets gold IRA once you roll over your present IRA. Request your custodian managing that IRA to deal with this.

They will send a check to your new custodian before the money comes over.

What’s more, you could take the funds out of your account as a distribution and taking care of the deposit yourself. Nevertheless, you must do this within a 60-day timeframe because of the penalties involved. You can do this a maximum of once annually.

How to Open Crypto IRA

If you are looking to start a Regal Wallets cryptocurrency account, below are the four simple steps you could follow:

Step 1

Fill in the Crypto IRA Form

Step 2

Allow Regal Wallet representative to get your account running

Step 3

Deposit money in the account

Step 4

Have wallet loaded and crypto into the cold storage

Typically, this is all done within 24 hours.

Last Word: Should You Invest?

We have looked into the kind of investors who need to invest with Regal Assets. In case you fit the description of any of them even a bit, you should consider it.

They already have great reputation with precious metals investing. They are doing some great things with cryptocurrency investments. Their customer service is also good and can make other companies’ customer service seem so much weaker.

Ensure that you have adequate funds to invest and that you know all the risks involved. Although Regal Investors is not for everybody, if you are special individual who is willing to take an informed risk, this might simply be what your investment portfolio has required.

Our Partner

First Glance

  • Best for Learning About Precious Metals
  • Excellent company reputation
  • Great reviews from customers

Overall Rating


BBB Rating: A+

Trust Pilot Average Rating: 4.9/5

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