Orion Metal Exchange Review

By John Simpson

August 27, 2022

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Orion Metal Exchange company’s main professional goal is to guide prospective clients and account owners to make well-informed investments for their retirement plans. The company’s products and services are designed to provide relevant information to clients. Orion Metal Exchange company can best be viewed as a means toward financial security.

The Orion Metal Exchange company deals in precious metals like silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. It also offers gold IRA services and the necessary information to clients interested in investing in precious metals. The company is reputable and offers comprehensive services and apt communication to build personal bonds with its clients.

Quality account management is one of the services provided by the company’s professional team. The company’s team of experts has combined experience in the investment sector spanning more than a century. Apart from investment services, the company provides a wealth of relevant information to empower prospective clients by keeping them up to date on market trends and projections.

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Some Background on the Orion Metal Exchange

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The main goal for Orion Metal Exchange is to provide potential clients with market-led information to help them make the right investment decisions. The company uses data charts to present this information online all day and night. Extra investment information on precious metals investments and IRAs is presented through articles regularly posted and updated on its website.

The information provided by the company is interactive, up-to-date, and combines well with the free investor's kit and guide (available on request). The information has proven useful, guiding many investors to commit their investment capital only to the right opportunities.

Services Provided By Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metals Exchange does more than trade in precious metals and manages retirement accounts for its clients. The most notable element of the company’s service delivery is the hands-on approach used to meet clients’ financial goals. The services provided include ultramodern third-party custodians and delivery services of physical precious metals.

In addition, the clients are provided with online and toll-free communication lines to always know what is happening.

Many clients affirm that they find the hands-on services and open communication extremely helpful. However, in-house IRA management also includes all these services. Partnering with certified and experienced custodians enables clients to switch over accounts and stay updated on the latest prices in the market.

Unique Features of Orion Metals Exchange

Many customers from various locations trust Orion Metal Exchange's services and products. The company is always keen to offer the latest products and services to its clients while respecting industry standards for the work they do. All recommendations and account management strategies are informed by current market information.

Their work operations and process abide by guidelines from institutions like PGCS, NGC, and ITCA.


  • The company does not provide any unnecessary bells and whistles on its websites
  • They observe high standards of operation and collaborate with reputable institutions only
  • The company believes in cultivating a personal relationship with its clients


  • Their website can sometimes be a little slow
  • Clients cannot begin the account registration process on the website
  • The firm does not serve as an official tax consultant for its clients

Orion Metal Exchange Chart Information

Although not a formal service, Orion Metal Exchange maintains a current chart showing the prices of precious metals on its website. The chart has more than one purpose; it shows the trend in the price of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in the precious metals market. It also compares the price of precious metals to the Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, Gold BUGS, Crude Oil, and US Dollar.

All you have to do is click on the Indices field to customize the comparison you want; you could even select to see all the comparisons at once. The chart displays real-time data and can also show historical performance going back ten years. A chart is a useful tool when determining the right time to set up an account or invest in precious metal assets.

Orion Metal Exchange Products

The company deals in various types of coins and measured units made from precious metals and sold at competitive market prices. The value of these coins is never more important to an investor than during times of economic downturns. They offer a wide range of coins to select from, including currencies from Canada and Great Britain.

Orion Metal Exchange Precious Metals IRA Investment

The company has focused on the management of precious metal IRAs in a way that the customer makes money and is comfortable with the management style. Their account management service is particularly helpful when the client needs to navigate past the nuances and regulations of opening and maintaining accounts.

Custodial services are customized to suit different clients.

Orion Metal Exchange Gold IRA

four gold coins

What do we mean by Orion's Gold IRA? In simple words, the gold IRA is a form of precious metals IRA, which is sometimes referred to as a self-directed IRA. A gold IRA offers a viable investment opportunity for investors to grow their retirement assets or an option to diversify their portfolio and manage risk.

Most forms of conventional investment are solely focused on growing your profits. However, a gold IRA has an added advantage because it preserves the value of your assets while the rest of the economy struggles to remain afloat. This specific precious metal IRA can be a rollover or start-up depending on the circumstances of the investor.

A gold IRA is used to hold high-value metals and coins until the investor attains retirement age. The account has penalties for early withdrawal, and there are compulsory disbursements at the end of the holding period. On the bright side, starting an account offers the investor special tax benefits.

All precious metals held in an IRA must be approved by the IRS. A gold IRA is a self-directed account, enabling the owner the option of selecting their preferred location and custodian of account holdings.

Orion Metal Exchange seeks to make the whole process easy and extremely affordable for investors. For example, the company provides storage incentives at the activation point of new accounts. All Gold IRAs are subject to all IRS regulations, like interest-free withdrawals for customers' ROTH funds deposited.

The Process of Starting a Self-Directed IRA Account

IRAs for precious metals are easy to open and use. In addition, the process of opening a precious metal IRA is straightforward and involves about six steps only. Most prospective investors do not face any serious challenges when setting up an account. It is also significant to note that the outcome of the accounts is subjective.

To begin with, you must decide if you want to roll over or start up since there are different rules for each alternative. Different options are available to customers depending on their financial goals, meaning one option may be better than the other. We recommend that you consult a qualified CPA before committing to the choice you want.

The next step is selecting the ideal custodian. All self-directed IRAs must work in partnership with a custodian to hold the precious metals as required by the IRS. The custodian to be selected will be responsible for opening, managing the setup, and taking care of bank statements. Orion has been given the mandate to operate in a similar capacity for the account owners.

The subsequent step of selecting a precious metal dealer for the client’s gold IRA presents an interesting opportunity. This is because the gold IRA is self-directed, giving clients the power to select the precious metal dealer they like. You might need to look around for better options before selecting your preferred dealer.

Once you have completed everything, then you need to select the type of coins and metal pieces you would like to hold in your IRA. A Gold IRA can be used to hold gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. In addition, the precious metal held in the IRA must have a purity level of.995. Apart from this requirement, account owners can deposit the precious metal of their choice.

Once the client has finished selecting their custodian, precious metal dealer, and preferred choice of product, the next step is to determine the storage location of the assets held in the account. Clients are advised to look for a decent location. The onus is on the client to select the ideal location; however, it is best to follow professional advice to comply with the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company limit how much I can deposit? 

Account owners under 50 years of age are allowed to have a maximum deposit of 6,000 dollars per year. Older account owners are allowed to deposit 7,000 dollars per year.

Why is gold so valuable? 

There are various reasons why gold is unique and valued by different people all over the world. Gold is more valuable than most currencies in the world. The market malleability of precious metals makes them viable to hold in a gold IRA. All markets in the economy suffer from shocks from time to time.

However, it is the long-term performance of the asset that counts. Indeed, the value of silver, gold and other precious metals has continually increased, thus attracting huge amounts of capital from investors looking for stable investment opportunities.

Is it necessary for the precious metals to have a purity level of .995? 

Yes. The true financial security of the precious metals held in a gold IRA is dependent on specific standards of the deposit. In the same way, it is worthless to have counterfeit bills or CDs held in safety deposit boxes. No investor wants to spend their money on substandard assets or deposits.

When can I make withdrawals from the account? 

The withdrawals have to be made once the account owner attains the age of 70 years. Upon reaching this age, the account holder can request some form of disbursement or funds transfer to another account.

Can I deposit the precious metals I already have in my possession? 

No. All precious metal assets to be deposited in the account must follow the necessary chain of custody; they must go through a transfer process through a bank. Even if your precious metals have attained the required purity of .995, they cannot be admitted or held in a gold IRA.

What is the main benefit of contributing to a precious metal IRA? 

Self-directed IRAs enable the investor to participate in many more markets than ordinary accounts. For instance, using a gold IRA, you can invest in other markets beyond conventional stocks and bonds. In times of economic turmoil, investments made using gold IRAs have shown remarkable stability and growth potential.

Useful Tips for Investing in Gold

Avoid Keeping Gold in Your Home

Guidelines for investing in gold IRAs demand the gold or precious metal assets held in the IRA be deposited in approved institutions only. Gold IRA investors are not allowed to keep any gold at home. This is the definite reason why the precious metals and the account can retain their financial security throughout the holding period.

The Amount of Capital to Invest

There is no limit to how much you can invest in gold IRAs. The general rule is for account holders to invest about 15% of what they have in total. Since the law limits the deposits that can be made in an IRA, an investor with significant financial goals may need to hold more than one IRA.

The Fine Print of Form 1099-B

Your account's Form 1099-B monitors and reports the number of deposits made from unincorporated sellers. The function of the form is to maintain ledgers systematically as per the sale of metals to generate income. The transactions involved are subject to tax, which is remitted to the IRS. Investors in precious metals should know the significance of this form from the onset.

Is it Advisable to Invest in Gold Today?

As earlier mentioned, there are multiple reasons why you should invest in the Orion Gold IRA. Gold’s value is stable and provides a long-term strategy for wealth generation. Gold features all these qualities and can safeguard your retirement assets for an extended period.

The precious metal assets deposited into a Gold IRA are actual commodities and provide the required stability to an investor's wealth during tough economic times. Often, difficult economic times are characterized by rising interest rates and low stock prices due to reduced effective demand for goods and services.

For many years, the global price of gold and other precious metals has always rebounded, even when other assets are performing dismally.

Primarily, the supply and demand for gold make it the ideal investment asset for hedging and diversifying portfolios. The precious metals market does not grow rapidly only to collapse like the fiat currencies. For instance, the dollar loses its value because of geopolitical reasons or corporate mismanagement.

For centuries, gold has remained a valuable trade and investment commodity. At any one time, countless investors are looking for extra gold to buy. Potential gold investors include individual buyers, government institutions, and private organizations, among others. Buying more gold improves your financial position in the long run as long as it is stored with reputable institutions.


The main goal of Orion Metal Exchange is to sell precious metals and advise investors on the best strategies to make money and remain profitable. The company is experienced and works with a team of skilled experts to provide the best services to clients to enable them to lead the best life in retirement.

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