Noble Gold Investments Review

By John Simpson

May 28, 2021

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It is very tough to pick a company that you can trust with protecting your retirement.  That is why we publish as much informative information as much knowledge as possible to help you make the right decision.

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We built a list of our highest recommended precious metal investment companies, to make finding the company best suited to your needs as easy as possible.

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Noble Gold Investments: A Comprehensive Review

A good rule of thumb while improving your retirement portfolio investments is portfolio diversification. Apart from the standard bonds and stocks, what alternative could boost your retirement portfolio investments?

One Word: Precious Metals. With the help of a precious metals company, you can put gold, silver, and many other precious metals into an individual retirement account (IRA).

With so many options in the market, not to mention scammers, how do you know which company is worth your while?

Financial success will never be handed to you on a silver platter. That means that you cannot log on to google and simply click on the first name that pops up. You have to do your due diligence.

This will ensure that you procure a household name that is experienced, professional and trustworthy. Luckily for you, we've done the hard work, and narrowed down your options.

Noble Gold Investments is a reputable company in precious metals. Known for strong education and clear communication, this precious metals IRA firm does what it can to make sure your retirement plan goes exactly as planned.

To know more about working with Noble Gold, and more so, the larger field of investing in precious metals, continue reading this article. We'll not only explain why the firm is worth giving a shot, but will also expound on areas the firm needs to improve on.

Noble Gold Investments

It is a precious metals IRA firm that was founded by friends/financial experts Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren. Their headquarters are located in Pasadena, California. After identifying a niche in the precious metals market, they started the firm.

This niche was that the market was filled with dishonesty and scammers. As such, they saw an opportunity, to be honest without being pushy and deceptive.

To date, Noble Gold, conducts business truthfully, kindly, and with wisdom. They understand that their clients are the reason why they are in business.

As such, they prioritize the needs of their clients and treat them with dignity. They also teach clients how to invest in precious metals in a way that suits them. You can rest assured that someone is working for you and not against you.

Why Precious Metals?

The fact that you're reading this guide already points to some knowledge of precious metals. Perhaps you know that they are valuable but have no idea how investing in them works.

Are they worth investing in? Most investment portfolios are affected by the ups and downs of the stock market. So what happens when the economy is down?

Precious metals like stocks and bonds are also tied to the stock, so what happens? Well, this curiosity and interest are warranted.

You'll especially be glad to know that the economy and precious metals have an inverse correlation. This means that when there is an economic downtown and assets are falling, precious metals tend to see a rise.

The 2008 financial crisis and what has happened in 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic are clear examples. Bearing witness to such market plummets, you and I must invest in something that is bound to be stable even in a crisis.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Investors should see the light and see how precious metal can safeguard a retirement portfolio against tough economic times such as inflation.

Better yet, you can evade taxes! How so? — Selling precious metals in a buyback program.

That said, if you're worried about taxes when turning your non-cash assets into cash, precious metals are the way to go.

Which Services Does Noble Gold Investments Offer?

When opening an account with NobleGold Investments, you have 3 choices to make. Either purchase the metals yourself, start a silver IRA or a gold IRA.

Gold IRA

The Gold IRA works just like a standard individual retirement account but in this case, instead of cash, we're talking gold assets. These are kept in depositories, located in Texas or Delaware.

Silver IRA

It works just like the gold IRA, but with silver assets in the depository.

Royal Survival Packs

Even with a company as trustworthy as this, some people still want full control of their precious metals. This is why Noble Gold has the Royal Survival Pack package.

It is ideal for investors who would like to take complete ownership of precious metals. It has an array of different precious metals which can be liquidated easily when one needs money. The metals can be stored at home, but you should be conscious of their safety.

Even with a company as trustworthy as this, some people still want full control of their precious metals. This is why Noble Gold has the Royal Survival Pack package.

It is ideal for investors who would like to take complete ownership of precious metals. It has an array of different precious metals which can be liquidated easily when one needs money. The metals can be stored at home, but you should be conscious of their safety.

What Precious Metals Does Noble Gold Offer?

Top of the list when talking about desirable precious metals are palladium, platinum, silver, and definitely, gold. Noble gold has these and more to offer as follows:

Gold Coins

Over 10 different types

Silver Coins

Over 12 different types

Platinum Coins

3 different types

Palladium Coins

3 different types

Rare Coins

3 different types

Are You A Good Fit?

So, how do you know if Noble Gold Investments is for you? Or you are for them? Heres's how:

  • Are you in search of a precious metals IRA firm that won't use pressure or coercion to make you invest? At Noble Gold, one thing is clear, A good thing sells itself, a bad one advertises itself.

    They keep customers through honesty. They also draw in customers through their investment plan. If it seems worthwhile to you, you'll open the account without the need for persuasion.
  • If you only have modest savings to invest in. Many people assume that investing in precious metals is for the rich folk. People with tons of money.

    Well, while most precious metal IRA firms have very high minimum investment requirements, at Noble Gold, it starts at a low of $2,000 for gold and silver.
  • If you want to stay solvent amidst unknown futuristic economic times. History is bound to repeat itself, and financial crises can happen any time all over the world. Having Royal Survival Packs will keep you afloat against inflation or other financial issues affecting the world at large.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

You'll be glad to find out that Noble Gold’s Better Business Bureau rating is at A+. They are recommended for stability, honesty, and longevity.

They also have a perfect 5/5 star rating at Consumer Affairs and TrustLink. Noble Gold has truly made a name for itself from the beginning, especially for its incredible customer service.

Customers have reviewed the company, saying that initially, they had worries about purchasing gold due to scammers. With Noble Gold, however, they realized that it was a worthy investment since the company is trustworthy.

Others have claimed that they could’ve gotten precious metals through traditional IRA’s custodian but chose to work with Noble Gold for their excellent reputation.

Even in times of confusion like IRA rollovers, the company devotes itself to elaborating and assisting its clientele in any way it can.

Noble Gold

Noble Gold one of the leading provider of precious metals IRA's. They pride themselves in customer service and the ability to help individuals diversify their retirement accounts.

What Makes Noble Gold Stand Out?

There are many other excellent companies but this one stands out because of the following aspects:

Free Gold IRA Guide

With Noble Gold, you do not jump into things unknowingly, or blindly. They have a comprehensive guide on precious metals IRAs on their website.

The best part about it? — It's free!. The guide explains how a precious metals IRA can keep your assets intact, allowing you have a stress-free retirement. It also shows how to roll over another IRA.

Toback this guide, is a cohesive breakdown of rollovers. Better yet, they also explain, in full honesty all the pros and cons of a precious metals IRA. This way, you can make an informed choice.

First and Only Texas Storage

Noble Gold has allowed the playing field to be leveled considerably. How so? In the beginning, the IDS only had depositories located in Delaware.

Today, Noble Gold is the only firm in precious metals with depositories in Texas. This follows their agreement with International Depository Services.

While knowing that your depositories are safe regardless of location, it's great to see how Noble Gold spreads its wealth.

Royal Survival Packs

Even if the dollar becomes worthless, gold will hold its value. No one knows tomorrow so it's definitely a great move for Noble Gold to offer the Royal Survival Packs.

Precious metals are truly a sigh of relief for shrewd investors. These Royal Survival Packs come both in coins and bullion in both gold and silver. They range in price, between $5,000 and $500,000, and are an excellent investment in case of a disaster.

Whichever package you'd like, it can be delivered right to your doorstep or sent to a private location where you can pick them later. Whichever method you choose, you're guaranteed the utmost privacy, safety, and security.

Buyback Program

How about a situation where you decide that you no longer want to invest in precious metals? Maybe you need cash in a hurry?

The Buyback program has got you! Noble Gold will re-purchase your precious metals with honesty, transparency, and not an ounce of stress!

Stellar Education

The most impressive aspect about this company is they invest in educating their clientele. They do not assume that you are aware of this business of precious metals. This is why they teach people about smart investments so that people can choose wisely and independently without coercion.

Pros and Cons


  • Customer care is top-notch
  • Fast account registration
  • Great online reviews
  • Work with knowledgeable and helpful advisors
  • Reasonable investment minimums
  • Buyback program


  • Newer than other firms
  • You cannot store precious metals outside of the U.S

How Can you Get Started?

Within 10 minutes, you can start investing through the processes outlined below:

Step 1

Log on to their website and choose between Gold and Silver IRA's on the top menu.

Step 2

Find “Open An Account” at the bottom and click on it.

Step 3

Complete the personal information schedule as indicated.

Step 4

Fill out your investment information. e.g. type of account, how much you’ll be rolling over, custodians, and so on.

Step 5

Fill in the beneficiary information. e.g. how much will you be leaving?

Step 6

Last but not least, relax and wait to be contacted by a company representative for verification of your account.

What Information is Required?

If for some reason you need to get on to customer support, you can reach out to Goldco. The following can be done to get in touch with them:

After those four steps are completed, you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of an amazing investment venture. As long as your metals are available, you’ll be able to access them in just a couple of days. If for some reason they aren’t available, they’ll most likely be available within one month.

Personal Info: Name, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Address, Phone, Email, and SSN.

Beneficiary Info

Investment Info

How Do They Compare Against Their Competitors?

After thorough research, this is how Noble Gold compares to other Gold IRA businesses like Advantage Gold and Gold Co.

Customer Service - Most if not all precious metals firms we reviewed have impeccable customer service. With items of value such as this, they know that customer service is a NO.1 priority.

Minimum Investment Amount - At $2,000 Noble Gold has the lowest required investment total. On the other hand, Regal Assets’ has a $5,000 minimum while Advantage Gold and Goldco have a minimum of a whopping $25,000.

Yearly Fees - They also have considerably lower yearly fees although companies like advantage Gold, relinquish fees in the initial year when you deposit over $50,000.

Rollover Process - Although you can't perform the rollover process into precious metals online, the process is still pretty fast. This gives Noble Gold an edge over other firms.

Longevity - They're still babies in the field, having started in 2017, although they offer great business.

Bottom Line: Should You Invest?

Now to the final verdict, are they worth the shot? — Yes. Noble Gold Investments is a fine choice for anyone wanting to start a gold or silver IRA.

Though they just got into the field, their business ethic proves that they are pros. With just $2,000, you can start your precious metals IRA and enjoy affordability, great learning resources, and impeccable customer service!

Our Partner

First Glance

  • Best for Learning About Precious Metals
  • Excellent company reputation
  • Great reviews from customers

Overall Rating


BBB Rating: A+

Trust Pilot Average Rating: 4.9/5

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