Matterhorn Asset Management / Gold Switzerland Review

By John Simpson

August 17, 2021

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In this review, we will be providing you with a comprehensive overview of Matterhorn Asset Management.

Who are they?

What services and products do they provide?

Is it a legitimate business or a scam?

When working with Matterhorn Asset Management what are the main pros and cons?

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Hidden fees are the most common method used to scam people, so before making your final decision be sure to thoroughly investigate the company first.

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What is Matterhorn Asset Management? (MAM)

It is one of the world's biggest wealth preservation companies. This Swiss-based company allows clients from all around the world to store their assets outside of the banking system in the form of silver and gold. So far, MAM has been able to make business connections with clients in over 60 countries.

MAM’s clients are a unique combination of ultra-high net worth individuals, pension funds, trusts, and family offices.

How does the company work?

Egon von Greyez's skilled leadership, Matterhorn Asset Management has been able to develop a unique model to buy and store gold outside of the traditional banking system. Four vaults are used by the company to store their clients' precious metals.

These vaults are located in three different countries (Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong). Clients just need to contact the company whenever they want to sell or buy precious metals. MAM provides a certificate of ownership for precious metal bullions as well as serial numbers.

To maintain the confidence of its clients, usually, Matterhorn Asset Management insures silver and gold with one of the leading international investors and provides them with total control and direct access to their wealth in precious metals form.

What Products Are Offered By Matterhorn Asset Management?

The company is different from much of the competition. Their products are presented to clients in the form of gold and silver bullion bars, instead of silver and gold coins.

They offer the following categories of gold bullion products:

  • 400-ounce bars
  • 100 grams bars
  • 1000 grams bars

Unicore produces the company's silver products, which are categorized as follows:

  • 15 Kilograms bars
  • 1-kilogram bars
  • 1000 ounce bars

How much do their silver and gold bullion products cost?

It is essential to know what the fees and costs of these products are before making any trades to avoid getting frustrations during a transaction. The following fees are charged by Matterhorn Asset Management on gold bullions:

  • The gold spot price + 0.2% of the spot price on 400-ounce gold bar buybacks.
  • The gold spot price + 0.5% of the spot price on 1-kilogram and 100-gram bar buybacks.
  • The gold spot price + 0.3% of the spot price on 400-ounce bars.
  • The gold spot price + 0.65% of the spot price 1-kilogram and 100-gram bars.

Usually, the following fees are charged on silver products:

  • The silver spot price + 2.2% of the spot price on one-kilogram and 15-kilogram silver bar buybacks.
  • The silver spot price + 1.5% of the spot price on 1000 ounce bar buybacks.
  • The silver spot price + 2.5%-4% of the spot price on one-kilogram and 15-kilogram silver bars.
  • The silver spot price + 2% of the spot price on 1000 ounce bars.

Clients who store their gold with Matterhorn Asset Management also need to pay 1.25 % of the total value of the silver and gold that they have stored in all of the different vaults.

Gold Switzerland Company Background & Information

Gold Switzerland's parent company is Matterhorn Asset Management. It has been offering a selection of unique bullion products, advisory services, and the highest quality service for preserving wealth to its high-net-worth clients and families in over 50 countries since 1999 through Matterhorn Asset Management.

When it comes to the services and principles of wealth management for wealth preservation, Matterhorn holds a 100 percent rating. That has helped it become the first choice for numerous investors all over the world.

They take a lot of pride in the numerous qualities that help to set them apart from a majority of their offshore gold dealing and storage competitors. These qualities include the following:

  • Investors are always given a certificate of ownership with unique serial numbers on their silver and gold bars.
  • The investors completely and directly own each silver and gold bar.
  • Their proprietary gold storage is located in bullion vaults that are highly sophisticated but are not connected in any way with the world banking system.
  • The company's investors all receive individualized and complete access to their gold.
  • Investors are allowed to send a legal representative (such as a lawyer or accountant) to inspect their gold holdings in person.
  • Investors can physically and completely withdraw all or part of their gold during regular business hours or in the case of a personal emergency during after hours.
  • All silver and gold bars are fully insured by a prominent international insurance company
  • They have highly secured storage services that are offered by private vault operators in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Switzerland

Matterhorn Asset Management, Gold Switzerland's parent company is a fully accredited Swiss Association ofAsset Managers (SAAM) member.

Egon Von Greyerz is the driving force behind Gold Switzerland and Matterhorn Asset Management and always has been. In 1999 he started Matterhorn as a premier private investment company. From the very beginning, wealth preservation was the cornerstone of this business.

By 2002, the company and Egon believed the world was entering into a time of dangerously and excessively high financial and economic risk. That is why they opened up many important physical gold investments to their clients at a time when gold was trading on average for just $300 per ounce.

The company told its clients that it would be wise to diversify 25 to 50 percent of their total financial assets into physically held and tangible gold. The global risk is considered to be much higher now compared to then by the firm. That is why they still recommend significant investments in physically held gold for a balanced and safe investment portfolio.

During the early 2000s, as gold prices continued to increase, Matterhorn saw physical gold prices starting to soar during 2005. Their response was to establish a fully Swiss-regulated company called Matterhorn Asset Management AG located in Zurich, the financial center of Switzerland.

They expanded several years later by including Gold Switzerland, which is still the precious metals division for Matterhorn.

Are there investment opportunities?

Precious metals values have been increasing for the longest period in human history. The value is expected to continue to increase as people keep accumulating wealth in different reserves. That is why most major economies continue to accumulate assets in precious metals form.

For example, China has over 30,000 tons of gold in reserve, with a majority of the gold purchased recently. That means that precious metals' values and the profitability of investing in them are expected to keep being a lucrative opportunity for many different investors.

That means that if you decide to work with Matterhorn Asset Management by selling and buying precious metals with them, then likely to benefit from these trades along with you.

Pros and Cons

It is always a smart idea to weigh the positive sides of a company with its negatives ones before making any final decisions to gain a better overall view of the business. In our reviews, we always aim to provide you with some important points on both the positive and negative sides of things.


  • The details of this company are legitimate and readily available. Therefore, you can trust this business
  • Matterhorn Asset Management's fond is an expert in precious metals management and wealth preservations
  • The founder of MAM is an expert at wealth preservation and precious metals management. 
  • There are several different options for customers to choose from.


  • The yearly storage fees are on the expensive side. 
  • Compared to other firms that offer coin products, Matterhorn's products are in bullion form and are therefore very expensive.

Hopefully, you have found this brief Matterhorn Asset Management review to be useful. You should now have a clearer understanding of what the company has to offer and whether it is right for you or not.

If you have used any of the company's services in the past, please share your experiences with us in the following comment section since it can help other people make better investment decisions.

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