The Best Gold IRA Companies

By John Simpson

May 17, 2021

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When it comes to your retirement fund, chances are that you might be thinking in the perspective of paper currency, real estate, bonds or stocks. On the other hand, there are millions of individuals who set aside a percentage of their wallet towards precious metals, for various reasons.

Setting aside part of your retirement money in silver and gold is a great strategy. When the dollar isn’t doing so well, these and other precious metals can experience a surge in value.

To achieve this endeavor, working with the right company is key. Below is a review of the best Gold IRA companies to invest in, whether you want to get into the game or have retired.

There are various options for you to choose from when it comes to investing. Most individuals overlook gold IRA and precious metals in particular. If you plan on retiring, it would be in your interests to consider as many types of IRAs as you can, and going for a gold IRA could prove to the best decision you’ve ever made.

The whole reason of investing in your retirement is to guarantee your financial future once your time for working comes to an end. They mostly come from jobs, such as health savings accounts, 401(k)s, and pension plans. There are various IRA options, like traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Simple IRAs.

It’s likely that you have seen a gold IRA company in T.V commercials. In spite of this, this product is somewhat of an outlier in the IRA world. It may seem just too good to be true.

Here are some of the common questions that arise:

  • Do these precious metals have stability?
  • Should persons who are retiring invest in gold IRAs?
  • Will my retirement account get depleted with gold market investments?

There are many things to take into account concerning gold IRAs and the gold market. But these factors don’t have to be hypothetical.

Here, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of gold IRA investment, including the drawbacks to watch out for and what you need to do to start your account.

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What is a Gold IRA Account?

A gold IRA has two different parts, and the name says it all: The gold, and the IRA.

Do you know what is gold? It’s a very valuable metal. Additionally, it’s a great way to invest in something, and are as useable as stocks or any other recognized financial commodity.

Many investors of gold see it as an alternative to investing in the U.S. dollar.

Given how the dollar is susceptible to getting damage as a result of inflation, gold acts as a safety net. When the U.S. dollar plunges, the value of gold can see a surge.

And the numbers speak for themselves. When you compare the value of gold today and the 1970, you’ll see how the surge is astounding. From 1970 up to 2018, the value of gold per-ounce rose from $35 to $1,282.

Now, put into account how much $35 in terms of paper currency in 1970 equates to these days. Well, you’d be surprised. It’s $35. The value didn’t plummet at all, and if you had even a smidgen of information concerning inflation, you would know that in 1970, $35 would do so much more as compared to 35$ in 2018.

Then again, you should never see it as a sure-fire way that assures riches for anybody who wants to invest. Like everything else in life, nothing is guaranteed and that’s even more the case with regard to financial issues.

Later in this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of investing in gold, together with why it may not be ideal for all investors. But here, we will be talking about IRAs.

IRA stands for an individual retirement account. On a basic level, they are simple to understand, but there’re various types.

Firstly, traditional IRAs are intended for funds ahead of taxation. They can raise dividends tax assessment or value sans any capital returns.

An income tax assessment only occurs if cash was removed from your traditional IRA.

Roth IRA is also popular. They are the same as traditional IRAs, but for funds after-tax which are utilized to establish them. For these IRAs, you can only utilize cash, stocks, or bonds.

From your understanding of this, you have a picture of how a gold IRA functions. It’s similar to other types of IRA; only that you’ll be trading with gold rather those option alternatives. The IRS takes part in this process, so you won’t be bypassing or be in violation of any type of tax regulation by trading in gold rather than stocks.

Your gold IRA can be established with post-tax or pre-tax income.

What Should You Know Before Investing?

There are some significant distinctions between gold IRAs and the earlier mentioned types.

Gold IRAs are referred to as ‘Self-directed IRAs.’ The IRS has its set of regulations when it comes to these kinds of accounts.

Your Investment Options

One main responsibility of gold IRA investors is understanding what’s in the IRA.

When it comes to a precious metal IRA, you’ll not be restricted only to gold. You can include palladium, platinum, or silver depending on what you want. Such metals have a listing of the physical states that can be in the IRA, like bars and coins.
Here, we will be focusing on gold, and the IRS has some pretty strict regulations for it. For a metal to be classified as gold, it should have at least 0.955 purity grade.

When it comes to a precious metal IRA, you’ll not be restricted only to gold. You can include palladium, platinum, or silver depending on what you want. Such metals have a listing of the physical states that can be in the IRA, like bars and coins.
Here, we will be focusing on gold, and the IRS has some pretty strict regulations for it. For a metal to be classified as gold, it should have at least 0.955 purity grade.

For precious metal IRAs, the IRS does not permit collectibles. When it comes to investing, collectibles are common. However, they don’t satisfy the purity threshold set forth by the IRS and their value tends to be inflated.

The listing for unapproved gold commodities is bigger as compared to the listing of approved ones.

However, you don’t have to trade with real metal in order to invest in gold.

For instance, your gold investment can be in terms of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

ETFs come in multiple forms like:

  • Owner’s death and the beneficiary wants access to funds
  • Loss of employment income
  • Owner is looking to purchase their first property (max allowed is $10,000) for family member’s education
  • Hospitalization or disability where the owner cannot cover medical costs

These are more appealing to investors who are more interested in gold but are distrustful about actual coins and bars, even if they will stored somewhere else. You should also consider if you want to diversify your investment portfolio.

Gold IRA Tax Rules and Regulations

Like how they do when it comes to other types of IRAs, the IRS governs what’s permitted with gold IRAs.
Below is a breakdown of some of the key regulations for investors.


Precious metals have to be put in storage in IRS-approved sites.

If you store the gold yourself, the IRS will consider this a distribution. This meaning you will be obliged to pay financial penalties and taxes that may result.


You can give up to $6,000 annually. This will go up to $7,000 annually after turning 50 years.


In order to get the ball rolling, you’ll be required to work with an administrator. This is somebody that has been vetted and approved by the IRS and exclusively handles precious metals.

They are more of your representatives. Administrators include people like custodians and brokers.


When you store your gold physically and make a distribution, you will be subject to income tax being included.

A 10% levy can be imposed on an early distribution. A predetermined exclusion is the only exemption. The capital gains tax can result to further evaluations.


As mentioned above, there are limitations for which types of precious metals are allowed in your IRA.

In compliance with IRS guidelines, the purity of gold has to be at least 24 carats or 0.995. That’s not the scenario with most gold products.


Although early withdrawal comes with a penalty of 10%, there are a few exceptions to bear in mind, like:

  • Owner’s death and the beneficiary wants access to funds
  • Loss of employment income
  • Owner is looking to purchase their first property (max allowed is $10,000) for family member’s education
  • Hospitalization or disability where the owner cannot cover medical costs

Finding The Right Company For You



  • Have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
  • Longest-standing gold companies which appeals to most investors
  • Doesn’t need further investment or have any penalties
  • Most enterprises have given them positive ratings because of their helpfulness and transparency


  • Doesn’t have direct sales
  • In order to start account, you have to contact them directly

Goldco allows stakeholders to build their own gold IRA or purchase the gold directly. They have been operating since 2006, making them among the longest-standing gold companies.

What’s more, they have a super-supportive customer care service to help you through the entire procedure and make clear anything that may be confusing.

They got an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Inc. 5000 also named them as the fastest-growing private businesses in the U.S.

Augusta Precious Metals


  • Have an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
  • Money Magazine’s “Best Overall” gold IRA company
  • Makes compliance and transparency a major part of its business
  • Most enterprises have given them positive ratings because of their helpfulness and transparency
  • Account lifetime service


  • $50,000 minimum investment
  • In order to start account, you have to contact them directly

There’s a firm called Augusta Precious Metals that directly provides gold IRAs as well as sells precious metals. 

Founded in 2012, this firm has helped thousands of customers improve their portfolios with the inclusion of precious metals.

Also, the customer service is excellent. In addition to that, they offer some pretty good learning tools. When you work with this firm, you can be sure that you won’t be kept in the dark. 

The company was founded by Isaac Nurani and is located primarily in Casper, Wyoming. 

Money magazine has named Augusta Precious Metals the "Best Overall" gold IRA company.

Birch Gold


  • Great help from experts
  • Comes included with many gold IRAs and other precious metals
  • Lots of information provided regarding clear fees and financial world


  • Only available for American companies
  • Expensive to start account and handle fees

Not only does Birch Gold Group assist you with gold investments, they also assist you be more confident with your investment and give you the necessary information you require to make an informed decision with regard to your investment.

When you work with Birch Gold Group, you’ll get the opportunity learning a lot, work with some great guys, and with any luck feel great about what the future has instore for you.

This trouper company was founded back in 2003 and have lured some notable people as clients over the years. Located in Burbank, they have gotten some serious commendation from the BBB as well as other business research firms.

When you go with Birch Gold, you can be certain that you’ll be working with an expert. This is somebody that will give you information regarding what’s happening in the stock market as well as their long-term implications, the bad and good.
The level of information provided allows you to be more cognizant of what is required to retire happily. Any uncertainty regarding investing can be clarified thanks to Birch Gold.

From the aforementioned information, we have discussed about IRAs being self-directed. This meaning that the investors have a more stake in what occurs with their account compared to what they would in the case of an ordinary IRA. They also have the leeway of making more kinds of investments.

When it comes gold investments, you require a broker to purchase the gold or an administrator as the custodian. You also have the option of having both a custodian and a broker.

This section of precious metal investing is a bit difficult to figure out. The state or federal governments are the ones that license custodians. Examples of custodians include brokerage firms, loans and savings associations, banks, and credit unions.

They are reputable institutions that investors utilize to take care of their gold, funds, and anything of value.

Purchasing gold and locating a dealer is the role of an investor.

But if you require assistance getting a dealer, your custodian can advise you on where to look. A gold dealer can also assist you get a good custodian.

Regardless of where you begin, the decision ultimately falls on you.

Although gold is extremely valuable, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are not vulnerable when purchasing it. Falling victim to fraudsters can still happen when you invest in precious metals, mainly because so many individuals try to get in on the action.

Ensure that you have conducted comprehensive research before you make a decision on a particular investment. Go for a company you trust with 100% of your might.

The firm should make things as accessible as possible. There should be no indications that they are hiding something. If you have any query, they should answer you straightforwardly. There’s way too much on the line to allow yourself be given the run-around or get dithered.

Or else, risk your plan of making cash through an investment opportunity turn out to be a financial disaster you regret.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

You should also make sure you review what the other industry giants have to say. Companies will purport they are all that, but you should look at the opinion of others like Better Business Bureau. That also encapsulates persons talking about investment forms on social platforms online.

From the disadvantages we have discussed above, there will always be shortcomings to every investment group. But these downsides shouldn’t be so big that they negate the advantages entirely.

When approaching a gold company, you should remember you are in the driving seat. Put them in a position that they have to earn your trust. Only speak to firms you feel confident talking to, and end the negotiations when you sense things aren’t right, even if it’s a gut-feeling.

Don’t allow baseless ideas concerning gold IRAs change you from this. Of course, they’re not as frequent as other types of IRAs, but they are completely justifiable.

To make sure that a company is legit, ask them about their bonds, insurance, registration details, and licenses.

If they lack any of this, or they are giving lame explanations for lapsed qualifications, it’s high time to hit the road and locate a new company.

You should go for a firm that has your best interests at heart. Even if they know what you require when you first meet, they should also be capable of figuring out your needs after conversing for long.

A good gold company will know particulars concerning your investment needs that you hadn’t realized in the past, but make sense when they tell you.

Another important factor to consider is whether you are purchasing from an online or local dealer.

Initially, you might be attracted to a local dealer because you’ll have a personal appeal with them and will also receive your golden quicker. What’s more, you won’t deal with shipping expenses.

Nevertheless, purchasing gold locally can result to some serious markup. Also, if you’ve made a significant order, it can be difficult to do a buyback.

On the other hand, placing an online order can result to some minimized risks. The cost incurred is lowered, plus it’s a great way of tracking your account.

Additionally, online retailers are better equipped to satisfy big purchases. If you have a big order you need to place, online gold purchases should take precedence.

The majority of gold investors opt to make online orders. But it’s not an unerring procedure. You should locate a dealer you can depend on and treats you as somebody to aid and assist prosper instead of seeing you as yet another number on the spreadsheet.

Associated Fees

A gold IRA can give your retirement investment catalogue a lot of gas. But there are fees that don’t occur with more frequent types of IRAs.

When you’re searching for firms, you should take into account all the fees incurred and whether you can afford them.

Setting Up Your Account

Many types of IRAs have a fee for setting up accounts. But as a result of their distinctiveness, companies can levy more for gold IRAs.

These aren’t recurring deposits, and the sum varies depending on the type of transaction it is. The cost changes if you are purchasing bars, proofs, coins, or bullion.

Custodians / Brokers

These charges are prevalent. Considering the value of the precious metal, the cost of a gold IRA can also rise.

Closing Your Account

If you opt to close your account, you will have to incur close-out costs, which come with severe consequences.

The huge problem is that you may be forced to sell the gold a lesser rate compared to the actual market value. Concentrate on dealing with reputable firms because they tend to provide fairer prices than dealers.

But chances are that you’ll end up getting a diminished return compared to your initial investment. It’s yet another instance of why you should never consider investing in something you’re not willing to go all the way and handle any likely fallout.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have already discussed the key aspects of a gold IRA investment, we need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of setting up one in general, regardless of which dealer or firm you choose to do business with.

It will take a special type of investor to make it function. It should not be sole section of your investment catalogue, but it can include a certain kind of zest to it.

Look at it like it’s hot sauce. Some individuals cannot deal with any spice concentration, but those persons with more sturdy tongues are better at handling the heat.

Now let’s review the biggest advantages and disadvantages.


  • History – Gold has history. We have already discussed how much the value of gold has risen over the years. It has grown more than 10x in value, something you can’t say about the U.S. dollar.
  • Steady Value – The market value of Gold can oscillate, but it’s still a dependable method of increasing the value of your portfolio. When the dollar, stocks, and bonds plummet, gold will appear like a champion. And that’s even the case when you take into account inflation rates.
  • Portfolio Protection – Gold has proven to be a sturdy even during periods of financial crisis like the late 1980s and late 2000s. If a depression or recession is on the horizon, investing in gold can act as a financial shield to protect you.


  • Rewards will take time – You can’t expect to purchase gold and all of a sudden buy a mansion. The value increases gradually with time, which means you have to be patient when investing in gold and other precious metals.
  • Can Only Get Gold – There are no financial advantages such as dividends and interest when dealing with gold. Its value will be the market valuation at that period in time.

How To Get Started?

There are a lot of factors to bear in mind when determining your gold IRA, but every stage is simple to understand.

Step 1

To start with, you have to make a decision whether you want your funds to be transferred or rolled over from another IRA.

In the case of a transfer, you’ll have to do it within 60 days.

In the event you don’t, the IRS will categorize it as a withdrawal. This is accompanied with taxation and a 10% charge for early withdrawal.

Funds go straight to your gold IRA if it is a transfer. You get one of these annually, but the transfers are restricted.

Step 2

The next step is choosing your preferred custodian. Ensure that you have researched this prudently.

Take care of how much you place into your gold IRA. Ensure that it is not over 15%.

You can also decide to go for a lesser portfolio. Ensure that it does not exceed 10% of your entire portfolio if you’re looking for diversification.

If you believe the gold will experience a significant increase in value, you can stake your portfolio at 15% or higher. But you should be wary about the potential risks involved if you depend too much on a single asset.

Step 3

Lastly, you will have to make a decision on where you’re going to buy. We advise that you look for an online dealer given how there’s better management and less markup.

The dealer you decide to go into business with needs to have positive reviews and is IRS-certified. Speak to customers, present and past, to get have a clear picture of what you’re getting into.

After that, you’ll be in a better position to enjoy the fruits and progress of your great investment.

If the metals you have selected are present, they will be kept in the depository in a matter of days. In the event they don’t have them, they can have them in around a month or so.

If you’re thinking about signing up, you can contact them at 877-360-0011, and speak with an agent.

Who’s Our #1 Recommendation?

From all the aforementioned companies, we’ve established that Augusta Precious Metals is the best.

  • Top overall choice
  • Most Trusted
  • Highly reviewed
  • A+ BBB rating

They have a simple procedure to begin with them.

Fill Out Form

In a matter of minutes, you can start your account and be set to go. To get things started, click here


It doesn’t take over a day for an associate to get in touch in touch with you and discuss how your funds will be brought over.

Transfer Funds

In order to get your money into your IRA fast, your custodian will work together with Goldco. The time for processing will vary.


When your funds have been transferred fully, you’ll have the order placed with your preferred precious metals.

Does The Reward Outweigh The Risk?

There is nothing definite when it comes to gold IRAs. There are portfolios that can greatly benefit from them, while there are others that will be fine without gold IRAs.

If you’re thinking about shaking up your portfolio even if it’s a bit and you have already done the necessary research, beyond reviewing this guide, you should think about giving a gold IRA a chance.

Investments are for the persistent, patient, and mindful. You can grow those qualities with a gold IRA and acquire new ones in the meanwhile.

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