The Best Gold Investment Companies

By John Simpson

June 3, 2021

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Traditionally, investment firms have come in the shape of brokerage companies capable of dealing with a broad range of transactions, but there has been a new rising trend in the financial sector. This increasingly growing fad signifies a whole new method of saving your retirement money.

Instead of pushing their investors to purchase traditional asset classes such as bonds and stocks, these investment companies are providing prospective investors with the chance of buying various precious metals.

To be able to complete these kinds of transactions, a special IRA account that is meant to hold precious metals must be set up first. Don’t worry, a reputable gold investment firm can guide you through the procedure. Here are the best precious metal investment firms to choose from.

1. Goldco

Goldco is our top pick and is among the premier investment firms in the precious metals sector. Goldco is dedicated to assisting its customers set up Gold IRAs to enable them to begin saving money in this non-conventional manner.

Goldco sells a range of coins to their customers. Among the main services this investment firm delivers is exposing its investors to the most profitable investment opportunities that are currently on the market. Therefore, investors who want a ready-to-go investment can make use of these services and begin investing in a lucrative asset.

All of the Grade A coins investors can purchase are made available to Goldco customers. A gold IRA comes with specific caveats with regard to what can be included in an account. You should note that not all of the coins qualify for a gold IRA. Goldco assists its investors to get coins that are suited for a contemporary IRA of this nature.

These services are very useful and save their customers from wasting time. The IRS has a set of conditions that must be fulfilled for an asset to be deemed eligible for a gold IRA. Specific purity caveats must be satisfied, and not all metals pass this parameter.

The good news is that Goldco has already done the groundwork for you and tracked down suitable coins that meet these strict IRS conditions. All Goldco investors have to do is purchase the already preselected coins and include them in their portfolio. Additional, they have also rounded up some of the most popular coins on the market because of their origin and purity.

When you purchase Goldco gold coins, you will be acquiring the purest quality gold in the world that was produced by the most trustworthy of companies. Other than giving you professional guidance about which coins to purchase, Goldco will also offer guidance on how you can roll over your existing IRA into a gold one.

They are knowledgeable on the matter and will walk you through the procedure of moving funds from the current account you have and into a new gold IRA. These services are crucial to investors looking to create this kind of IRA because they need a custodian to be in the transaction process.

Hence, the experts at Goldco can give you all the information you require ranging from the pieces of gold you should acquire to what vault your hoard of gold should be kept. Goldco is dedicated to easing the procedure of investing in gold.

These professionals can also give you a rundown on how to set up an IRA comprising silver also. Even if you want to buy some gold to include in your private home collection, you’ll need to enlist pros like these at Goldco if you are to complete this type of transaction. They are indeed the go-to personnel if you want your precious metal needs met.


  • Goldco is one of the most reputable gold investment companies in the industry.
  • Goldco comes highly recommended by experienced experts in the industry.


  • Requires a minimum $25,000 investment.

2. Augusta Precious Metals

This investment firm is our second top pick. Augusta Precious Metals was established in 2012 and is based in Beverly Hills California. They are the industry frontrunner in the precious metals spectrum and have received accreditation from BBB.

Augusta Precious Metals is run differently from other types of investment firms; they have specific departments that assist in taking care of every stage of the buying process. This encapsulates cost savings passed down to customers through lower prices.

Joe Montana, who is a quarterback Hall of Famer, is actually their corporate ambassador. Joe was directed towards Augusta Precious Metals by his advisors when he was searching for the best gold investment firms in the U.S.

Augusta has been known to major in gold IRAs, but their minimum amount is $50,000.

The best thing about Augusta is that they make it a point to give buyers as much educational material as possible before they make a final purchase decision. The amalgamation of their specialized departments and educational material really assists clients to understand the full extent of the investments they are making.


  • New customers get 10% back in silver coins.
  • Very good at explaining everything to beginners.
  • Their analysts are extremely knowledgeable and professional.
  • They have a very simple process that will allow you to protect your investment for many years.


  • $50,000 minimum investment

3. Birch Gold

Birch Gold is a leading gold investing service provider. This investment firm provides potential investors with direct contact to a team of Birch Gold experts who can assist them establish a 401(k) or gold IRA account that’s able to hold physical gold.

With an expansive list of partners, this firm can direct you to trustworthy custodians who will manage all your transactions relating to precious metals. It’s compulsory for an IRA intended to hold gold to be managed by a reliable custodian, and must have precious metals that meet very stringent thresholds as well.

By teaming up with Birch Gold, you will get the help you require to establish your account and stock it with precious metals using a trustworthy custodian who you can depend on for years on end. They can also give you priceless information regarding your ability to roll over an IRA account you currently have into a gold one.

By so doing, you can begin taking advantage of the tax benefits that come with having a gold IRA while at the same time also profiting from the benefits that coming with possessing an asset that will maintain its value as time lapses.

When you want to make a gold investment, Birch Gold Group will provide you with access to their skilled advisors who will assist you in making an informed decision. Their help will basically ascertain that you are buying precious metals that are suited for your exact ambitions as an investor.

They can also ease the procedure of purchasing precious metals by establishing custodian services for you that will computerize the procedure of storing precious metals in a certified repository.

When it comes to making precious metals investments, Birch Gold accentuates education first. They consider the best types of investors to be educated ones, and this has seen them undertake significant steps to assist their clients get the most from the investments they’ve made in precious metals.

With this premise, if you opt to go with Birch Gold, you can be certain that you’ll get more than enough information concerning the pros and cons of investing in the different kinds of precious metals. You can also rely on the recommendations given by a Birch Gold advisor who will make sure that every acquisition you’re making is achieving your investment objectives.

Birch Gold provides its clients with a broad range of products as well. Regardless if you want to buy the finest palladium bars or rare gold coins, Birch Gold has options available for you to choose from that will ideally fit your portfolio’s requirements.

Birch Gold also has a partnership with premier precious metal repositories, which help in storing all your assets without having to worry about searching for a protected facility by yourself. The way Birch Gold deals with everything starting from the sale to how your product will be stored is what makes it popular among investors.


  • Seamless investing in precious metals.
  • Hands on advising services make it easy for novice investors to buy precious metals.
  • Vast product selection to choose from.


  • Doesn't let you invest in cryptocurrencies.

4. Regal Assets

Regal Assets is dedicated to offering prospective investors with alternative investment opportunities such as cryptocurrencies and precious metals. These types of services provide investors with the chance to spread out and balance their portfolios.

Instead of having to diversify your portfolio using conventional assets such as bonds and stocks, you have the option of including precious metals such as palladium and cryptos such as Ethereum. This expansive range of options provides you with a new approach to profiting from economic surges too.

Right now, Cryptos are on the up and up, but conventional IRAs don’t have the capability to hold these kinds of assets. Regal Assets have taken this into account and have extended the abilities of the IRAs they provide to allow you to concurrently include cryptos to your portfolio while at the same time buying silver bars and gold coins.

Together with platinum bars, investors can obtain various other metal types. Additionally, investors may gain access to an expansive list of cryptos that supersede the most sought-after cryptos in circulation right now.

Being able to spread out your portfolio using both precious metals and cryptos is what sets Regal Assets apart from the rest, and gives them a cutting edge over their competition. Other features that investors stand to gain by going with Regal Assets include receiving a video feed of their assets getting stored in real-time.

In order to make investing in precious metals more convenient, Regal Assets can reacquire any precious metal(s) you purchase. This applies to cryptos as well, which enables you to buy all types of cryptos and precious metals without having to worry about facing challenges when it comes to reselling them.

Another distinct element of the services Regal Assets provides include a clear fee structure, which enables investors to easily calculate exactly how much the services rendered are worth. Reasonably priced storage fees and annual fees imply that you can get greater returns annually by using Regal Assets to invest in precious metals.


  • Seamless investing in precious metals.
  • Hands on advising services make it easy for novice investors to buy precious metals.
  • Vast product selection to choose from.


  • Doesn't let you invest in cryptocurrencies.

5. Noble Gold

When making precious metals investments, security cannot be overstated enough. How safe your investment is as a whole is contingent on its actual physical security. If you buy a limitless supply of precious metals and keep them in your house, you will certainly have exposed yourself to a significant amount of risk, not to mention losing your whole investment.

Being in partnership with a firm who are specialists in acquiring and storing precious metals will definitely secure the investment you’ve made for the long term. And there’s no better company to be in association with than Noble Gold.

Unlike other investment firms that enlist third parties to keep valuables, Noble Gold has a private bank that it uses to store investor assets to ensure that their investments are secure. Although using a third party is an optimal method of storing precious bullion, some individuals feel unsettled including another firm when concluding transactions relating to precious metal.

Most investors want to know where their gold investment is kept at all times after purchasing thousands of dollars in precious metals. When you use Noble Gold to buy gold, you can rest easy knowing precisely where your hard-earned cash is.

Noble Gold has its own autonomous storage center in the heart of Texas, and offer its clients a unique service that enables investors to have access to their physical bullion directly. When you use other companies to buy precious metals, you won’t feel any connection to the entire procedure.

You’ll have spent incalculable amounts of dollars being convinced that you are the owner of precious bullion and gold, but chances are that you won’t ever see any physical evidence that supports that claim.

By using Noble Gold to buy your assets, you will have a clear picture of the location your valuables are kept and you can also arrange to have them delivered to your doorstep so that you can have physical access to your precious assets whenever you want.

Among the more interesting characteristics associated with the services provided by Noble Gold include their popular survival packages. Sometimes, investors aren’t searching for the best ways of making a dollar. Some may just want to find better ways of preserving their valuables for the long term.

Other investors may just want to protect their financial futures. The future is dynamic and things can change very quickly, but a Noble Gold survival pack can give you the protection you need when things get tough. If you’re looking for a way of ensuring the financial future of your family is secure no matter what occurs, you should review Noble Gold's survival packages.

You only need to select the amount of cash you want to access over the long term and you’ll be assigned a package that satisfies your requirements. Survival packages like these help in protecting the financial future of your family regardless of your current financial state.

Packages range from $5,000 to half a million dollars. By so doing, you can put aside all the cash your family will ever require even if the economy slumps. Given how precious metals tend to rise in value when the economy starts to plummet, this package has proven to be among the sturdiest methods of preserving your families’ financial future.


  • Offers a series of survival packages for every kind of investor.


  • Not the most reputable precious metals dealer in the industry.

6. Patriot Gold

Patriot Gold is a renowned industry leader when it comes to precious metals, and can assist you in various ways. This investment firm will offer you expert help regarding how you can begin your journey to a successful precious metals investment.

Patriot Gold focus on making home deliveries of an array of precious metals in the form of bars and coins. Patriot Gold assists investors to spread out their portfolios by exposing them to various precious metals. They also give investors the chance to take advantage of being physical owners of precious metals.

Oftentimes, most investors decide to make gold investments indirectly. Investors can use Gold ETFs these days to imitate the price movements influencing the gold market. This way, investors can invest in gold without really buying it.

This ownership level of gold definitely comes with the advantage of raising your portfolio’s value when the price of gold surges. However, you should note that investors don’t receive the several advantages that come with actually owning physical gold.

Owning gold physically offers investors liquidity that is assured to preserve its value as time lapses. This has seen many investors flock to Patriot Gold to obtain all kinds of valuable coins in their physical state.

By buying your precious metals using this method, you’ll have direct access to your assets without being required to pay for any storage fees. As you can see, Patriot Gold makes it easy and cost-effective for investors to get into the precious metals market.

What’s more, they just make the entire process straightforward. If you decide to go with one of the other investment firms available, you will definitely have to deal with numerous complicated tasks such as setting up an account. On the other hand, Patriot Gold allows clients to sign up and get an account within the same day of signing up.

One of the distinctive characteristics of Patriot Gold is that they employ a no-fee IRA scheme. This allows investors to buy IRA authorized silver and gold coins easily without incurring extra charges. If you want the fastest and easiest way of acquiring some precious bullion or metal coins, then Patriot Gold are guys for you.


  • No fees on accounts valued at more than $100,000.


  • $180 annual fee charged per account.

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